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Research Portfolio Management

Easily manage research across multiple domains and connect protocols to researchers, labs, materials, equipment, training, and risks.

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Laboratory Inspection

Drive compliance in lab safety and employee health by connecting the most important stakeholders of these enterprises.

Immunization Compliance

Enhance medical surveillance with pre-employment documentation, mass flu clinics, automated recalls and compliance management, and interfaces to HR, institutional EMR, and lab systems. 

Medical Surveillance

Proactively and automatically manage, monitor, and recall patients into the clinic for surveillance appointments based on workplace risks.

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Workplace Injuries

Capture the true cost of injuries and illnesses in your organization and collect actionable data for OSHA reporting and safety training plans to reduce incidents.

Inventory Management

Maintain inventory and track regulated materials throughout your organization, from receipt through disposal, all while making critical connections between protocols, people, labs, and inventory.


Create custom reports for all products to be uploaded to the system at any time, and dig deeper into your data with our Analytics tool. Know your organization inside and out.


Analytics uses the power of pivot tables to give you the control to visualize data dynamically for rich data analysis.


Interface easily to your Single Sign On, HR system, enterprise EMR, lab, or learning management system using standard interface protocols from HL7 to delimited files, web services to file transfer.

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Create Big, Beautiful Changes to How Your Organization Runs

HealthRx's powerful Nexus tools deliver across the spectrum of biomedical research and clinical medicine because they were developed for - and with - clinicians, researchers, and practitioners.

We follow these simple principles - promote understanding, stimulate flexibility and adaptability, plan for a long product life, fortify against environmental and situational issues, increase durability and redundancy - to keep you at the top of your game.

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Products Matched to Your Needs

You know your organization better than anyone.

We design our products to be easily configurable so you can match our products to your workflows, naming procedures, and other organizational needs.

Every HealthRx product gives you access to our management tools to configure workflows, forms, email notifications, system processes, files, and more.

Future Proofing

We build our systems with the future in mind.

In a world where technology’s always evolving, we pride ourselves on creating products that withstand trends and pass the test of time. Our continual updates and improvements keep you on‑trend — and often ahead of them.

Software as a Service

Always be current, secure, and flexible with your work.

We provide our solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS), which ensures you have a consistent user experience that can regularly be updated and enhanced to maintain value without depending on your IT department.

Your System Security Matters to Us

Access all your health, safety, research, and organizational management tools in one highly secure place.

Nothing’s too big for HealthRx: we easily support over 20,000 simultaneous users in hundreds of locations with thousands of individual projects’ electronic documents.

Some of the most secure research institutions in the world run our products. Will you be next?

The Numbers Tell the Story

Nexus currently manages hundreds of thousands of research protocols, lab inspections, employee-patient records, workplace incidents, clinic encounters, and mass immunizations.